RM Yachts : RM 13.60

RM1360: an exclusive cruising sailboat with very demanding specifications :

  • Maximum performance in all conditions,
  • Comfort and well-being, exceptional brightness, stability of the hull,
  • Ergonomics and functionality in all positions on the bridge,
  • Material and building environmentally friendly.

Result of an intensive collaboration between the architect Marc Lombard and the RM shipyard, RM1360 is in line with the RM1260 elected “European Yacht of the Year 2013”

Overall length 13.60 m
Water length 12.82 m
Maximum beam 4.50 m
Air draught 20.51 m
Draught monoquille (bi-saffron) 2.45 m
Bilge keel draft (mono-safran) 1.95 m
Weight of ballast (mono-safran) 2950 kg
Weight of ballast (bi-saffron) 2×1500 kg
Light weight 9.4 T
Capacity 3.1 T
Fuel tank 300 L
Fresh water tank 400/600 L env
Surface GV 53 m²
Genoa 59 m²
Solent 31 m²
Spi 150 m²
diesel engine (transmission Sail Drive) 75 CV
Category navigation A

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