a Fast Ocean Cruiser ?

What is a Fast Ocean Cruiser ?

The name ‘Fast Ocean Cruisers’ can only be awarded to a small selection of yachts.
It’s a roll-royce on a Mc-Laren chassis. A luxurious variant with carenes of racing yachts. Performances should be good enough to have fun participating in regattas as the Fastnet, Transquadra or many others with a minimal IRC Handicap.
A confortable environment for longer trans atlantic journeys,
an ideal space to bring the complete family for a recreational cruises
and having limited restrictions to enter rivermouths or shallow harbors.

The requirements:

- Standard production cruiser/racer build after 2008 with CE Class A certification.
- Great offshore racing – IRC Handicap 1.030 or more
- Hull length between 8,5 & 12,5 meters
- Luxury, Confortable and save for long journey’s
- Seaworthness & good quality of build and equipment (CE Cat A certification)
The +:
- Capable of some serious milage
- Capable to go in shallow waters

Fast Ocean Cruisers :

x-yacht-xp38 (3) X-Yachts A/S

Architecte: X-Yacht Design Group

Gerard Cok:

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Dehler 38 Dehler
Dehler 38


Architecte: Judel/vrolijk & co

Gerard Cok:

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photo-05[1] Elan Yachts
Elan 400


Architecte: Rob Humphreys Yacht Design

Gerard Cok:

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1360_24 RM Fora Marine
RM 13.60


Architecte: Marc LOMBARD

Gerard Cok:

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cigale 16 Chantier Naval Alubat
Cigale 16


Architecte: Marc LOMBARD

Gerard Cok:

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selection by Gerard Cok, feel free to tip me a yacht you wish to elect ?

Just send me an email !

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