Nautic : RM 890

Good news for sailors, who will find a quality model, financially more accessible than its bigger brothers.

With the disappearance of RM 880, it lacked an entry-level French shipyard Fora Marine model. Lack the launch of RM 890 will largely meet, to the satisfaction of the company, which customers waiting impatiently.

A little bit longer than the previous RM880, the RM 890 is noticeably wider and clearly distinguishable in a very successful design due to the adoption of the roof of his older brothers: a clear success!

Available version monosafran biquille version or monoquille two rudders, the RM 890 is constructed of epoxy PC, so chine, and is characterized by a bottom open V, not flat, the current trend.

Note that the choice of CP epoxy technology is justified by the greater weight and greater rigidity than polyester boats, and the absence of risk of osmosis or delamination. RM to navigate in ice are equipped with a Kevlar veil that protected the hull puncturing of Gowler.

Architect Marc Lombard
Length: 8.90 m
Width: 3.42 m
Biquillle TE: 1.55 m
Monoquille TE: 1.90 m
Sail area upwind: 52m2
Construction: Epoxy CP

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