J Class Menorca Maxi 2014 22 – 25 may 2014

The J Class have been invited to join the Wallys at the inaugural Menorca Maxi Regatta in May.

Further details are expected soon but the J’s will enjoy 4 days of racing in the sparkling waters off Minorca. Berthing will be stern to in Mahon.

Ranger, Lionheart and Hanuman are expected to attend.



Dufour 500 – Awarded as best Full-size production Cruiser (US)

Exterior Dufour 500

From tiny details to infinite pleasure.

The very incarnation of French chic, the Grand’Large 500 is more than a lifestyle: it’s a way of life that’s reserved for the most sophisticated among us. Read More

NAUTIC 2013 : Arrival of the boats in Paris

Nautic 2013 : arrivée des bateaux

From Friday 7th December to Sunday 15th December 2013

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Rosso 28

What makes a good ‘Fast Ocean Cruiser’ ?

Fast Ocean Cruiser

We have shared the story of Mark Edwards a couple of months ago. After all the comments and reactions of his story, he wants to address the readers and clarify the financial point of view.

Mark is truck driver, rigger, and boat builder from New Zealand. He’s a kiwi sailor with many miles of Pacific Ocean sailing, including a few Sydney Hobart races. We had heard about Mark and his family because they are another ‘kid boat’, described to us as the family on the racing boat. At first appearance Relapse is 50’ of pure racing machine, though oddly adorned with ratty awning, fishing poles, and a rusting (so called stainless!) BBQ grill, just like all the other cruising boats. Relapse, by traditional cruising convention, is born out of insanity with her 14’ wide transom, open for the world and Neptune to board any time they like.

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The making of ‘Second love’. A chef-d’ouevre in carbon.

Standfast 64 from Gerard Cok
The story after my dream, starts in spring 2001, where Standyacht start the build of unique concept at this time.
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Selected Cruiser of the week : RM 13.60

RM has released a new video of the RM 13.60 sailing in light wind in the area of La Rochelle.

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Sly 42

Sly42   Sly 42 is a sailing yacht with racer performance, but with ease of manoeuvres marking it as a winner for tranquil pleasure sailing, even with a crew of just two. Offers motor-powered manoeuvring agility and excellent liveability in both its interiors and on deck.  Read More

Morozov Yachts

SOLER-42 FC – Fast Cruiser




Concept: Alexander Morozov, Design: Teixido & Harrold, Builder: Morozov Yachts
Fast cruiser Soler-42 FC is ocean cruising yacht for long range cruising and live aboard. The boat has unlimited range of navigation and CE category “A” Ocean. Good protection from elements in fully enclosed pilothouse. The boat is optimised for 2 person or single handling. The interior layout is custom and as per customer choice, from 1 owners cabin to 3 cabin layout.


  • fully enclosed pilothouse for all weather sailing.
  • lifting bulb-keel, darft 2.80- 1.50 m
  • side water ballast tanks for better performance on long tacks.
  • standard diesel engine 40 h.p. or hybrid diesel-electric propulsion.
  • significant volume for storage, full size forepeak for sails.
  • dinghy garage under cocpit floor
  • modern rig with reliable reefing system and set of sails for turning to any wind conditions.
  • wide and well protected cocpit is good for sailing at sea or relaxing in marina.
  • all ropes are lead to cocpit for handling the sails from cocpit.
  • strong and light hull and interior are made of sandwich panels
  • any modification of interior layout and styling upon order
  • the rig and sails can be “de-forced” to cruising version
  • simple and reliable systems, practical minimalist interior for reliability and low maintenance.
Main dimensions

  • Model:Soler-42 FC
  • Version “FC” – Fast Cruiser
  • Length 12.20 m
  • Beam 4.86 m
  • Draft 2.80-1.50 m
  • Displ. 8000 kilos
  • Water ballast 2×1500 l
  • Fuel tank 180 l
  • Fresh water tank 2×400 l
  • Height in cabin 1.8-1.9 m

  • Sail area upwind 120 m2
  • Downwind sails 235 m2
  • Mainsail 67 m2
  • Jib 55 m2
  • Reacher 70 m2
  • Staysail 23 m2
  • Spi A1 170 m2
  • Spi A2 140 m2
  • Motor 40 h.p.
  • Berths 4/6
  • Category CE “A” Ocean
Technical description
The hull and interior are made of vacuum bagged sandwich panels with vinylester or epoxy resin and Corecell foam in temporal mould, which guarantee the high quality of surfaces, stiffness of the parts and high protection from osmosis.
The hull has longitude reinforcements with hand laid laminate for additional stiffness.
Inner parts and furniture are made of sandwich panels for light and low maintenance construction. The interior can be practical and minimalist with painted surfaces or more luxury with wood veneered panels.
The bulb keel is lifted with electric winch with manual back-up, the keel is fixed in low and upper position with strong pins to prevent any damages in case of grounding or collision with floating objects.
All sheets and halyards are led to cocpit for easy handling with small crew, no need to go on deck. Watertight bulkheads and compartments create the big average flotation volume.
The basic systems are very simple and concentrated in one compartment for easy access and safety.
The main idea in the concept – fast cruising, simplicity and reliability.

Elan 320 – Following the lines of 400

photo-06After the success of the sexy lines of the Elan 400 the story continues with the Elan 320.


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