A tribute to the beautiful landscapes of Corsica.

More than three million people visit Corsica each year, drawn by the mild climate and some of the most diverse landscapes in all Europe. Nowhere in the Mediterranean has beaches finer than the island’s perfect half-moon bays of white sand and transparent water, or seascapes more dramatic than the red porphyry Calanches of the west coast. Even though the annual visitor influx now exceeds the island’s population nearly ten times over, tourism hasn’t spoilt the place: there are a few resorts, but overdevelopment is rare and high-rise blocks are confined to the main towns.
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Snorkeling with the turtles of the tobago Cays

Nice video from Onne van der Wal :

Tips for an Atlantic Crossing

To remember when planning to sail across the atlantic


The Atlantic crossing season is coming round again. In the next three months,  some 4-5,000 sailors will cross from Europe to the Caribbean on one of the  biggest sailing adventures of their lives. In most cases, the crossing is  the culmination of years of planning and preparation. But if it’s your first  time, are you missing something? You might be. Read More

Sailing in Croatia – Sailing Routes Croatia

Sailing Croatia with passion and friendliness…


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Sail Indonesia 2013 Rally

Indonesia marinaSail Indonesia is an annual yacht rally that leaves Darwin in July of each year and is followed by a three month program of linked destinations across Indonesia, Sail Indonesia as a web based event and our rally is promoted and managed using the internet and email only, we do not use telephone, post or facsimile. There will be phone numbers in Darwin to contact our support staff during the month before you leave from Darwin for Indonesia. Read More

The Gili Islands


The three “Gili” islands off the NW corner of Lombok are a big change from the
traffic and noise of south Bali: there are no motorized vehicles, only pony
carts and bicycles to get around. We were really ready for the slower pace after
having to sit in hot traffic to get anywhere on Bali… that wasn’t really
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Les Iles du Soleil


If you have some time, want to do a rally where the focus is moren on explorarions, experience than on racing.  The rally “Les iles du soleil” is really a nice option.  Next edition is 09/2013, inscriptions are already open.

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Explorations : St. Lucia

St. Lucia's Gros and Petit Piton

St. Lucia’s Gros and Petit Piton

St. Lucia’s Gros and Petit Piton are perhaps the island nation’s most notorious features. The gorgeous, lush mountains shoot over 700 meters into the sky on either side of Soufriere Bay, where you can visit the lovely Anse Chastenet Beach or the town of Soufriere. Sailboats can anchor or moor in this bay to enjoy an up-close view of the Pitons. Read More